Reimagine your approach to account-based selling across the entire customer lifecycle with Smart Rooms
It's Time to Sell How Your Customer Buys

Introducing Smart Rooms

The B2B sales solution designed for you and your customer.

Buying & Selling Teams Together at Last

Smart Rooms are private digital collaboration spaces where a sales team and a customer team can work together, engage key decision-makers, invite colleagues, quickly reach consensus and more. Say goodbye to repeat conversations, endless emailing and unproductive phone calls and say hello to everyone on the same page.


The Right Content to the Right People at the Right Time

No more sending (and resending) email attachments. No more generic sales content. Smart Rooms let your development, sales and account teams deliver personalized content to the right people, exactly when they need it.

Powerful Analytics

Smart Rooms deliver account and individual level activity and engagement insights to help your team drive account planning and execution, optimize content, allocate resources and create truly personalized buying experiences. Predict what deals will close and when with alarming accuracy.


Accelerate Your Sales Process with AI-Powered Smart Plays

Complementing (not replacing) your sales process, Smart Plays automate certain sales activities to drive the buyer journey forward. Deliver timely messages, relevant content, and useful insights based on stage, persona or activity data—without the guesswork.


Build Consensus Faster with Smarter Communication

Smart Rooms create a truly collaborative digital workspace by bringing all communications between you and your customer together, under one organized roof. No more endless emailing. No redundant meetings. Just faster consensus-build and decision-making.


Built on the World’s Most Powerful CRM

Built natively in Salesforce, Smart Rooms are immediately familiar to both your sales team and your customer while integrating effortlessly with your existing sales tools and processes. Fast installation, no customer mapping or API integration required.


One Solution for the Entire Customer Lifecycle

Smart Rooms power the entire customer buying experience—from business development to sales to account management.

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Smart rooms are easy to use and provide great insight about our customer’s digital behavior. In our complex technical sales cycle, they’ve enabled our team to anticipate the buyer needs and respond quickly and efficiently.

Monique Garrett, VP of Marketing, Marketing Pulse Logic Consulting, Inc.