Smart Rooms for Account Management Teams

Unlocking hidden revenue in your key accounts is all about shaping the perfect customer experience.



Ramp up new partners, clients or even new hires without the back-and-forth of hundreds of phone calls and emails.


Account planning isn’t easy. Take what used to be a massive, disparate process of people and information and bring it all under one place.

Retain & Renew

Create personalized, engaging buying experiences for your customer to drive contract renewals, upsells and retention.

Key Smart Room Features

Invite & Collaborate

When you make it easier for your customer to buy, upselling and cross-selling happens naturally and strategic relationships deepen.

Smart Rooms make it easy for account teams to deliver completely personalized buying experiences in which customers can engage with the right content at the right time, chat with you and amongst themselves and reach consensus.

Smart Rooms enable account teams to build strategic relationships with customers.

Smart Rooms keep everyone on both sides of the table on the same page, no matter when they join the journey. 

Smart Plays

Delivery exactly what your customers need at exactly the right time with Smart Plays. Use customer engagement data to unlock new content, drive new conversations, re-engage contacts that have gone lukewarm and keep the journey going.

Actionable Analytics

Get actionable insights into your customer’s engagement behavior inside a Smart Room and better understand who’s engaged and who needs more attention.

Smart Room data allows account teams to create complete personalized experiences that make upselling and cross-selling feel a lot less like selling and more like advising.

Ready to see how Smart Rooms can help you get the most out of your best accounts?