How to Build an Account-Based Selling Program Around Rapidly Changing Customer Behavior

It’s no longer a question, but a fact that B2B customer behavior has drastically changed. Customers expect a buying experience that is quick and easy, similar to how they buy on Amazon or e-commerce sites. But how do you make it easier to buy? How do you reduce the overload of information sent to customers? How do you address the 6.8 decision makers involved in a deal?

The short answer is Account-Based Selling, but the explanation is rather complex. Luckily for you, we co-hosted a webinar with Sales Hacker to help you understand and put the presentation on SlideShare.

If you would like to hear the full webinar, you can watch the recording here. And if you have any questions about account-based selling, customer behavior, or anything sales related, please feel free to reach out.
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