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Want to Sell More in 2017? Start Fast and Go Easy on the Selling.

With just handful of weeks left on the 2016 calendar, B2B sales pros the world over are in one of three mindsets. Either they’re sitting pretty, relatively relaxed knowing that they’ve hit or exceeded their numbers or they’re feeling confident knowing that an all-but-signed deal is about to close, nudging them past their finish line, or they’re in that state of nervous-almost-panic because they know they’re going to come up short this year. Whatever the mindset, one thing is certain: the calendar will turn and 2017 will arrive. And given most reps aren’t in that upper echelon of a relaxed December, it’s worth laying out a few ideas on how folks call sell more in the new year.

Sales is Like Dating: You Can’t Trick Someone into Liking You

Vague introductory language like “I was doing some research on your company…” Auto-dialers. Calling from a “local” area code. Calling before 8:00 a.m. or after 5:00 p.m. Requests to participate in “a survey.” These are just a few of the most widely used tricks B2B sales teams have implemented over the years in attempts to engage customers. The thing is, though, sales is like dating: you can't trick someone into liking you. These tricks do the exact opposite of what you would expect. Instead of engaging, customers react negatively and it hurts your reputation and the company's brand. And in the rare instance that they do work in landing a meeting, a relationships that starts with a trick is not primed for long-term success and mutual benefit.

The Gartner Hype Cycle of CRM

According to the Gartner Hype Cycle, B2B technologies eventually level off into the plateau of productivity—and CRMs are no exception. Here's how to gauge what digital customer engagement solutions your org needs to go beyond the plateau.

Relationships Aren’t Going Anywhere

Ask any successful sales rep what makes them great and they’ll likely tell you that it’s all about relationships. They’re good at what they do because they earn the trust of their customers. Sure, they utilize a handful of apps and tools to do what they do but at the end of the day they hit their numbers because they work hard at developing mutually beneficial, transparent relationships with their customers. These are the soft skills; the intangibles. And they aren’t going anywhere.