Smart Rooms for Business Development Teams

Your prospects want to self-educate. Let them!



Create custom, personalized engagement experiences for your prospects without having to reinvent the wheel each time and win more first meetings.


Rely on engagement behavior data to know when a prospect is “sales ready” instead of annoying them to death with cookie-cutter efforts.


Business development is about two things: quality and volume. When single engagements require less effort, you can do more of them.

Key Smart Room Features


A Community-Driven Experience That’s Totally Private

Say you have 500 contacts spread across 50 target accounts. Create one Smart Room, invite all 500 contacts and analyze their engagement. And don’t worry—a contact can only see and interact with their own colleagues in a Community Smart Room. When an account is ready, pop them out into their own private Smart Room with even more personalized content.

Powerful Analytics

Smart Rooms take the guesswork out of business development and show reps which leads need what to be primed for sales.

Instantly gauge your customer’s digital body language at the account and individual level based on Smart Room engagement behaviors such as logins, content views, discussions, chats, invitations and more.

Cover 100 percent of your territory as effectively as you’d cover 10 percent of it.

Custom Content

Prospects see right through cookie-cutter content that most B2B business development teams push out. Smart Rooms allow you to position unique content, tailored by market, industry, company and more.

Allow customers to self-educate on their terms while monitoring their engagement behavior to know what content to deliver next. 

Load Smart Rooms with PDFs, videos, presentations, demos and more. 

Lean how Smart Rooms can help your BDR team win more first meetings, without having to do exponentially more work.