Smart Rooms FAQs


Learn more about Journey Sales, Smart Rooms, and key account-based selling concepts.

What does Journey Sales do?

Journey Sales is a pioneer in B2B account-based selling technology helping organizations improve engagement at key accounts, throughout all phases of the customer lifecycle. Our award-winning product, Smart Rooms, builds more relationships at accounts and strengthen existing relationships resulting in more cross-sell, upsell and renewal opportunities.

How do Smart Rooms benefit sales & account teams?

Building more relationships at each account improves sales productivity and increases revenue per account by more than 25 percent. Smart Rooms help you engage all your target accounts with personalized and relevant customer information.

What is the benefit to the end customer?

With Smart Rooms, your customers have all the information and people in one place, available 24×7, to build consensus and improve decision making.

What problems do Smart Rooms solve?

Customers receive an almost limitless number of emails causing confusion and resistance to engage. Smart Rooms make it easier for your customers to self-educate on their own time with the information that’s important to them.

How do Smart Rooms work?

Smart Rooms are natively built on Each one contains content, people, fostering true collaboration between everyone involved. Customers educate on content best suited for them, invite their colleagues, and can easily engage with the account team.

Do I need to change my sales process with Smart Rooms?

No, Smart Rooms are designed to work with any existing sales process. The data from Smart Rooms allow you to understand what parts of your sales process are working and what parts need improvement.

What customer analytics do Smart Rooms provide?

Smart Rooms measure and assign a numerical engagement score to your customers and accounts, shedding light on who is engaged and who needs more attention.

What makes Smart Rooms unique?

Smart Rooms are designed for both the customer and account teams to work together. Instead of an email experience, it’s a B2C like experience for B2B selling.

What is Account-Based Selling?

Account-Based Selling is a multi-touch, multi-channel sales strategy coordinated across your entire company to pursue a target number of high-value accounts. It’s a cohesive, unified effort, laser-focused on making sure everyone on both sides is on the same page.

What is the difference between Account-Based Marketing and Account-Based Selling?

Account-Based Marketing is targeted marketing campaigns to key accounts to build awareness and generate leads. Account-Based Selling (ABS) is about targeting key accounts to generate revenue by improving the entire customer life cycle and experience.

What is Customer Engagement?

Customer Engagement (CE) is the level of a customer’s behavior and interactions with your brand or company. Smart Rooms provide a digital customer engagement solution for customers to interact with the sales team beyond phone calls and email.

Do Smart Rooms require extensive training to use?

No, Smart Rooms are easy to launch and use for anyone in sales, marketing, or services. Smart Rooms are web-based and mobile ready for your customers and sales teams.

Who are Journey Sales’ customers?

Journey Sales works with world-class companies in multiple verticals, such as Technology, Professional Services, Financial Services, Insurance and Manufacturing. This includes Athenahealth, Compuware, Marsh & McLennan companies, Quest Diagnostics and Broadridge, to name a few.

What is the history of Journey Sales?

Journey Sales was founded in 2014 with the singular purpose of developing technologies that help companies drive revenue through better customer engagement. Privately held, the company is headquartered just outside Philadelphia in Villanova, Pennsylvania.