Watch How Smart Rooms Accelerate Sales Productivity and Drive Revenue

Built Natively in Salesforce, Smart Rooms Fundamentally Change the Way Sellers Sell and Buyers Buy

This is What the Future of Account-Based Selling on Salesforce Looks Like

  • Smart Rooms can be customized to deliver content geared towards a specific industry or purchase type, creating the right context sales teams need to deepen account relationships.
  • Smart Rooms unify messaging, creating a consistent customer journey and experience within an account.
  • Collaborative by nature, Smart Rooms inherently spark organic up-sell and cross-sell opportunities throughout accounts.


Smart Room Highlights

What a Customer Experience Should Be

Your customers don’t have time for mediocre sales experiences. Smart Rooms turn a once painful exercise into a guided, collaborative journey, personalized to suit the needs of each customer— that means quicker consensus-building and more deals done faster.

Seamless Salesforce Integration

Smart Rooms are built in Salesforce. Translation? There’s nothing new to learn. Smart Room data flows seamlessly into your Salesforce, leveraging your original investment and reducing data entry requirements. What sales pro would balk at that?

Fully Customizable to Meet Each Customer's Unique Needs

Smart Rooms are not one-size-fits-all. For each account, sales teams are able to quickly and easily customize Smart Room templates, aligning them to their customer’s go-to-market model. When engagement has relevance and context, trust builds and opportunities close.

Measure Your Customer's Digital Body Language and Act on It

  • Smart Rooms take the guesswork out of knowing what a customers needs, allowing reps to deliver behavior-driven content to their customers and prospects at precisely the right moments.
  • Sellers can monitor customer activity, ask and answer questions and guide the journey to close faster than ever before without the process ever feeling sales to the customer. And all Smart Room engagement data flows seamlessly into Salesforce.
  • Customers amplify engagement throughout their organization by inviting colleagues into Smart Rooms, expanding collective education, sparking discussion and building consensus. For sales teams, this means deeper account relationships and more up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

One Dashboard, Every Account

Through the seller-facing Smart Room Dashboard, sales reps get a clear, real-time view of their customer’s journey, activity and engagement throughout buying cycle. The Dashboard shows sales teams:

  • What content customers and prospects have viewed, shared, downloaded and at what frequency.
  • Which colleagues customer teams have invited into a Smart Room, indicating consensus development and influencing when seller-side executives and subject matter experts should join the journey.

Ready to tour a Smart Room? Let’s set up a free 15-minute demo.

This demo will show you:
  • How to set up and customize a Smart Room for your customers
  • How customers engage better in a Smart Room-powered guided sales journey
  • How Smart Rooms optimize pipelines, accelerate account-based sales and energize channel partners