Smart Rooms for Sales Teams

The way your customer buys has fundamentally changed. It’s time to change how you sell.



Deliver sales content and collateral that actually matters to your prospects not by guessing and hoping, but with data that tells you, “This is what they need next.”


Stop copy and pasting. Stop forwarding and resending. Stop repeating yourself. Run parallel efforts with a lead so you can spend your time engaging more leads.


Know what your prospects need before they know they need it with powerful engagement behavior data at your fingertips. 

Key Smart Room Features

Smart Plays

Run personalized sales plays for your prospects from directly within a Smart Room not just because you think they might find it useful but because past engagement behavior data says it’s exactly what they need to keep their journey going forward.

Smart Plays are AI-powered recommendations that tell your sales reps when to unlock specific content, invite stakeholders, start discussions and more.

Powerful Analytics

From logins and content views to shares and invites, the Customer Engagement Index shows reps how their contacts are engaging inside a Smart Room so they can dedicate their time and resources where they’re needed most and be more productive.

Get daily engagement summary notifications across all contacts in all customer Smart Rooms.

Custom Content

Any sales rep knows one size does not fit all. From needs assessments and proposals to statements of work, Smart Rooms deliver relevant, customer-specific content that builds trust and accelerates sales cycles.

Populate Smart Rooms with PDFs, videos, documents and connect your favorite content apps like Google Drive and Sharepoint. 

Ready to see how Smart Rooms can make it easier for your prospects and customers to buy?