Smart Rooms for Channel Partners

Outfit your partners with the account-based selling solution that puts the customer experience first.



Empower channel partners to engage with customers as effectively and as on-message as your own sales and account teams.


Strengthen and simplify channel partner relationships in a digital environment that’s user-friendly and built natively on the world’s most familiar CRM, Salesforce.


Arm your channel partners with account-based selling technology that puts their customer first, making it easier than ever to engage, educate and co-sell.

Key Smart Room Features

The Right Content

Channel partners always seem to have the wrong sales content. Old product information. The wrong spec sheets. Outdated case studies.

With Smart Rooms, the latest, most up-to-date co-selling materials are always at their fingertips. And it’s even easier to deliver that content to customers.

Smart Rooms help your channel partners message consistently and engage and educate their customers just like you do yours. It’s the way co-selling was supposed to be.


Smart Rooms give channel partners a unique, collaborative way to engage with both your organization and their customers.

Your channel managers are able to create Smart Rooms where their partners can engage with content, ask questions and invite colleagues.

On the flip side, channel partners can invite their customers and prospects into Smart Rooms, custom tailored to their preferred buying experience.



Smart Rooms allow your channel partners to gain measurable insight on their customers’ digital body language so they can focus their attention on the contacts that need it. So long, guessing game!

Ready to see how Smart Rooms can help you get your channel partners selling as strong as you?