Data-Driven Tactical Recommendations


Plot next steps with data, not hunches

Guide the customer experience with AI-powered Smart Plays

. Smart Plays are actionable recommendations powered by customer engagement behavior within a Smart Room. Unlock content, share new insights, invite key stakeholders and more.

Effortless. Execute a recommended Smart Play in just a few clicks. No reinventing the wheel or spinning up new content necessary.

Manageable. Know something about a customer the Smart Room doesn’t? Account teams have full control over what Smart Plays fire and when.


Complementary, Not Competitive

Smart Plays work in concert with your existing sales processes, allowing reps to be more effective in more places.

Smart Plays are contextual to each customer, ensuring you’re never cookie cutting.

Smart Plays are useful in Smart Rooms throughout the customer lifecycle—from development to sales to management. 

Want to learn more about how Smart Plays can complement your existing sales process?